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Seasons: Spring

There is something about Spring.

There is, first of all, a smell of Spring in the air. It isn't quite flowery, not yet, but earthy and moist. A little bit like grass and bark. It is the smell of something coming alive.

There is also the beginning of the end of Winter. The warming air, the sun that stays out for longer, the chills and the confusion of transition. There is the saying goodbye to the year once more. There is something about Spring that feels like a start that is felt in the body, a start that feels a bit more grounded and connected to the natural world. Perhaps, the squirrels might agree.

And maybe, there is a gradual awakening of vitality, some measured or exuberant hope.

The streets are noisier, and I look forward to the blooming. For now the earth and grass and the bark are wonderful, and I await the scent and sight of flowers. For now I enjoy the tussle and teasing of Spring and Winter. For now life is unfolding, just as it has always been, at its own time.

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