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What brings you therapy, and why now? Our reasons for embarking on this journey are often very unique, and also universal. We may feel totally alone in our struggles, and at the same time notice that our concerns are shared with others in this quest of being human.  


Depression, whether mild or debilitating, is a difficult experience for anyone to go through.  Depression can come in many forms, like emptiness, overwhelming sorrow, or withdrawal from life. Speaking about your experience is often one of the first steps towards finding your way out of the woods.


Anxiety often arises when we feel that our way of life or safety is threatened. The threat may be a potential loss, being disliked by others. or the uncertainties of the future.   Therapy for anxiety is about understanding what they are about, what's within your scope of influence, how you can manage them , and how to better relate to the uncertainties of life.


Turning points and life crises are challenging as we may begin to realize that our current ways of being are no longer fulfilling, yet new ways of living are not yet clear. What do we want? What needs to change?  What do we want to let go of? What do we want to create next? Therapy can help to illuminate the ways forward as you re-evaluate your values, priorities, and discover new possibilities.


Relating to others is a big part of our existence and we can often learn more about ourselves through our relationships. If you find certain relationships perplexing, therapy can shed light on the patterns and dynamics that you find yourself in, and help you to make sense of the conflicts that you may encounter. You may also find new ways of relating to others that bring you more fulfillment and connection to yourself and others.


Life is often a series of change. Some come with ease and flow, others may feel more complex.  It may be our careers, locations, or our identities and roles we play in life.  Speaking about your experiences and challenges may lead to insights that help you to connect better to your new chapter in life and to regain your flow.


Do I do this or that? This is a common question that arises from time to time as we meet crossroads.  Difficult choices call upon us to take into account complex factors and examine our possibilities and what they mean to us.  Therapy can be a good place to understand our dilemmas and to re-calibrate our compasses for the way ahead.  


Therapy and counselling isn't just for difficult moments.  It's also a process of gaining self-knowledge as we continue to broaden and deepen our engagement with our lives.  Understanding and challenging your own beliefs, biases, and habituated patterns can lead to growth and greater fulfilment.

Session Length- 1 Hour

Session Fee- CAD 150 + HST

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